Industrial sewage wastewater treatment plants

Industrial wastewater treatment plants MEIRY-CLEAN/PRO

MEIRY-Clean/PRO is a complete novelty; it includes a complete automatic treatment process of the manufacturing wastewater, which is controlled by the control automatics, timely informing regarding the necessary maintenance of equipment. It is also comparatively easy to maintain; the entire process is designed for the owner of the equipment to spend the shortest possible time at the equipment.

Flotation equipment for industrial sewage, wastewater treatment

Flotation equipment MEIRY-F

Flotation equipment is one of integral parts in the treatment of the industrial wastewater, but taking into account specific sites of our clients and partners and waste water produced therein, we have designed two versions of the flotation equipment – cylinder and rectangle-shaped flotation equipment, which helps us to use the client’s production space as efficiently as possible and arrange the most efficient solution, based on the clients’ wastewater hydraulic and pollution loads.

Mechanical wastewater pre-treatment systems MEIRY-R

Taking into account specifics of the manufacturing industry, large insoluble impurities are often found in the industrial wastewater, which must be separated before further processing it. Due to this, we have developed a mechanical rotation sieve MEIRY-R. Depending on the technologies used by our clients, the rotation sieves are placed in a very aggressive environment, so we manufacture this product from polypropylene, because this it does not have any corroding qualities, has a long service life and is resistant to various acids. Rotation sieves with a filtration between 0.15 mm to 5 mm are available.

Industrial mechanical wastewater pre-treatment system
Biological wastewater sewage effluent treatment plants

Biological wastewater treatment plants MEIRY-S

The main advantages of MEIRY-S:

  • Takes up little space.
  • Does not require extensive digging works during installation.
  • May be adjusted to any volume of wastewater.
  • It is easy to connect the system to the existing engineering communications.
  • Highest parameters of purified water.
  • The system is autonomous, and it is managed by the control unit.
  • Outflow of mechanical impurities or unnecessary sludge from the system is eliminated.
  • Very resistant to variable loads.
  • Cheap and simple operation.