About us

Treatment of industrial wastewater has always been a challenge for people, and as the technologies develop, we have been able to create more and more effective solutions. As in every field, there are always positions, which could be developed further. Due to this, we have combined the leading companies and specialists of the field from the entire Europe; the specialists from Germany, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Lithuania and Latvia were involved, and the trademark “MEIRY” created to be able to offer the top quality products to our clients and partners. A modern production plant was therefore built, where we develop technological solutions, control all manufacturing processes, as well as integrate the latest technologies in our products.

Industrial treatment system for wastewater, effluent, sewage treatment

“MEIRY” means the most advanced, effective and progressive solutions in the wastewater treatment field. As our experience shows, there is no wastewater, for which we could not find a treatment solution.

Owing to the fact that “MEIRY” has its own plant, technologists and constructors, we are able to offer the most suitable wastewater treatment solution to our clients, and you do not need to adjust to the qualities and dimensions of the supplier’s product, we will adjust to your needs and opportunities!

Our mission is to develop the offered technologies, constantly searching for new technological solutions, to be able to create unique products and adjust to the customer’s desires.

Our vision is to successfully develop the “MEIRY” position both in the Baltic and foreign markets.

Competent, professional and experienced employees – specialists – are the greatest value of our company.