Biological effluent sewage wastewater treatment plant

Biological wastewater treatment plants MEIRY-S

Biological wastewater treatment plants MEIRY-S for companies and villages

As the wastewater treatment technologies and quality of raw materials develop, new technological solutions for the processing of wastewater appear worldwide. Our goal is to keep up-to-date with the time and offer on market the most effective technologies for reasonable price. By combining the sharpest minds of our team, we have created a biological wastewater treatnment plant MEIRY-S, which is a surface container-type solution with built-in new generation technology. This plant does not need to be laid in ground; it may be conveniently placed on the surface on a small concrete base, which significantly facilitates its installation. This wastewater treatment plant is especially suitable at the sites with high level of ground water and areas where digging is complicated due to underground communications. The plant may be adjusted to any wastewater volume, and it is a very suitable solution for the sites with already existing but not working wastewater treatment system, since installation of MEIRY-S does not require extensive and expensive construction works, large digging works; it may be conveniently connected to the existing engineering communications.

The main advantages of MEIRY-S:

  • Takes up little space.
  • Does not require extensive digging works during installation.
  • May be adjusted to any volume of wastewater.
  • It is easy to connect the system to the existing engineering communications.
  • Highest parameters of purified water.
  • The system is autonomous, and it is managed by the control unit.
  • Outflow of mechanical impurities or unnecessary sludge from the system is eliminated.
  • Very resistant to variable loads.
  • Cheap and simple operation.