Dissolved air flotation DAF equipment for wastewater separation

Flotation equipment MEIRY-F

Flotation equipment is one of integral parts in the treatment of the industrial wastewater, but taking into account specific sites of our clients and partners and wastewater produced therein, we have designed two versions of the flotation equipment – cylinder and rectangle-shaped flotation equipment, which helps us to use the client’s production space as efficiently as possible and arrange the most efficient solution, based on the clients’ wastewater hydraulic and pollution loads.

We offer the MEIRY-F flotation equipment to our partners both as a separate component and as an integrated solution in the wastewater treatment system.

The equipment is currently available with the machine capacity between 3 m3/h to 30 m3/h.

The flotation equipment intended for greater hydraulic loads is currently under development.

Please contact our consultants for possible solutions.