Industrial sewage effluent wastewater treatment system plant

Industrial wastewater treatment plants MEIRY-CLEAN/PRO

Industrial wastewater treatment plants​

In our long experience in the wastewater treatment field, we have often faced a problem when the digging works could not be carried out, or they are hard to be carried out on the customer’s territory, as at the moment the market is mostly offering the industrial wastewater treatment systems, which must be laid in the ground. They usually take up much space and are expensive to construct, as well as require a complicated coordination of the project. This problem must be solved, so a team of the specialists in the field of wastewater treatment was created in 2016, which looked for solutions for both the technology and the construction itself. Thus, by combining the Czech technologies with the work of the Belgian raw material manufacturer, consultants from the Netherlands, constructors and engineers from Lithuania and finally technologists from Latvia, a totally new and innovative industrial wastewater treatment plant MEIRY-CLEAN/PRO was created. This plant is very compact, easy to warm up, has a long service life and finally it has outflow parameters of highly purified water with a possibility to purify the industrial wastewater to a degree that it can be returned back into manufacturing and used for technical needs, thus saving water resources and money. Using the latest wastewater treatment technologies, we have constructed the equipment that is comparatively compact and takes up little space; there is no need to lay the structure into the ground; it may be conveniently placed on surface on a small concrete base. If we look at the similar solutions available on the market, much larger and less comfortable plants are available, the construction of which makes the entire project much more expensive.

Sewage effluent treatment plant
Industrial wastewater effluent treatment system plant

MEIRY-Clean/PRO is a complete novelty; it includes a complete automatic treatment process of the industrial wastewater, which is controlled by the control automatics, timely informing regarding the necessary maintenance of system. It is also comparatively easy to maintain; the entire process is designed for the owner of the wastewater treatment plant to spend the shortest possible time at the equipment. The body of the plant is made of polypropylene, and it is resistant to various loads and has a very long service life. The wastewater treatment plant is insulated; it is intended also for the harsh winter conditions. And finally, one of the greatest advantages of this wastewater treatment plant is maximal facilitated integration with the existing engineering communications, which is a very important factor for the existing plants.

The main advantages of MEIRY-Clean/PRO:

  • The plant is intended for the surface use; expensive construction works are not necessary.
  • The system is easy to connect to the existing engineering communications.
  • Each system is created in accordance with the particulars of the customer's site, wastewater parameters and volume.
  • The system takes up comparatively little space.
  • Simple and easy coordination of the project.
  • The purified water may be returned back into manufacturing for technical needs.
  • Cheap maintenance of the wastewater treatment system.
  • Unique technological solution.
  • Sustainable construction, non-corrosive comparing to analogue solutions.
  • Intended for operation also in harsh winter conditions, insulated.
  • May be easy moved to another site, if necessary.
  • Especially suitable for the sites with high level of the ground water.

The industrial wastewater treatment plant MEIRY-Clean/PRO can be adjusted for the following fields:

  • Slaughter-houses.
  • Meat processing companies.
  • Food industry companies.
  • Fish processing companies.
  • Fish farms.
  • Beverage manufacturing companies and many other companies.

Each solution is being developed individually in accordance with the customer’s site, wastewater pollution and volume, and the customer’s desires regarding further use or discharge of the purified water are also taken into account.