Mechanical sewage effluent wastewater pre-treatment plant

Mechanical wastewater pre-treatment systems MEIRY-R

Taking into account specifics of the manufacturing industry, large insoluble impurities are often found in the industrial wastewater, which must be separated before further processing it. Due to this, we have developed a mechanical rotation sieve MEIRY-R. Depending on the technologies used by our clients, the rotation sieves are placed in a very aggressive environment, so we manufacture this product from polypropylene, because this it does not have any corroding qualities, has a long service life and is resistant to various acids. Rotation sieves with a filtration between 0.15 mm to 5 mm are available. The rotation sieve may be used as a separate technological unit, as well as an integrated solution in the entire wastewater treatment system. We also offer non-standard solutions are also available. Please contact our consultants regarding those.